What Lies Beneath…

By Anastasia Georgakopoulos

John Galliano’s name has been all over the place recently, with the shocking events of last week. Who would have thought that Galliano’s reign in Dior would end so abruptly and in such an unfortunate way? I doubt that we will ever find out what really happened and how this frenzy was triggered. With his show being cancelled, and his absence from the Dior show, I can’t help but feel like it’s the end of an era. Nevertheless, the Dior house will probably escape unscathed, though Galliano’s successor will have some pretty large shoes to fill.

More than ten years have gone by since Galliano joined the house of Dior, and he has taken one theatrical bow after another at the end of each catwalk. One million different faces, but unfortunately the last was his least favourable. Did you, however, try to see what lies beneath his elaborate make up and costume? I always tried to imagine how he would look as a totally normal person.

A trip to the Museum and Contemporary Collection of Central Saint Martins (CSM) allowed us to access a great treasure of garments, jewellery and the projects of previous students of CSM, such as Hussein Chalayan and John Galliano. We even managed to snap a few pictures, among them Mr. Galliano’s CSM student card.

John Galliano, while a student at Central Saint Martins

The waistcoat in the photograph below, probably from Galliano’s Afghanistan Repudiates Western Ideals Spring/Summer 1985 collection, is one of the few to still have the original buttons, made from old British coins. Later, he was asked to substitute them, since ruining a coin is considered treason.

Galliano’s waistcoat from one of his early collections.

John Galliano, Made in England

The original coin-buttons

His flamboyance is evident, and hopefully, with the right kind of help he will be back in no time, ready to design up a storm.

What do you think?


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