The Groundbreakers

Illustrations by Maria Lima

London Fashion Week had just ended and Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike had just opened. Sitting in a shiny room at London College of Fashion’s John Prince’s Street, ten students couldn’t stop pitching ideas. Note pads, calendars, designers, titles, questions flowed from their mouths to their ears, the kind of creative work that allows a new project to become more tangible. Over the afternoon, many concepts came across the way, many were left in the sidewalk as well, but one question kept on popping up: what was it that drew Rick Owens and his dancers, and a new view on Chanel’s life together? Change. They both did something to Fashion. They are groundbreakers. This is how this, our new project, began.

A change of rules involves a set of rules to be changed, a ground to break: by assuming the possession of the blog, we rebranded the whole site. New interface, new ways and new people, the three elements that made this project what it is today: an academic blogzine. As from now, new voices from different backgrounds will speak loudly in a mixture of academic and not-so-academic ways to address our beloved subject: fashion.

Although this wide variety of backgrounds and tones was hard to marry for the editorial team (yes, we DO have an editorial team), it has brought a rich range of approaches to the monthly theme. Who would have ever thought Margaret Thatcher could share a screen with an ‘00s teenage icon? The ground where one stands on is personally configured and defined, hence, breaking that place where basis are erected is personal as well. Definitions and constructions are yet to come, keep on clicking, we’ll keep you posted.

Gaba Najmanovich


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