My Groundbreakers Illustrated


Isabella Blow


Lynn Yarger


Princess Julia

With huge pleasure I accepted the invitation to develop some illustrations on the subject of Ground Breakers, for the history and culture MA blog.

As a starting point, I tried to conceive a definition for Ground Breakers, understanding what it implies and whom it represents. This innate tendency to over-analyze things had to be pushed aside to let these iconic women come to my mind. Not focusing on the exact meaning or definition of the subject, three compositions were created illustrating (some of the many) iconic women I admire.

Definitely a personal choice that relies on the empathy felt for these fashion icons – Isabella Blow, Princess Julia and Lynn Yarger may not have much in common apart from their relevant contribution for the fashion industry and their strong individuality.

It is not only about their very distinct and intricate personal style but also about their “think outside the box” practice.  Isabella Blow, Princess Julia and Lynn Yarger are reminders of how to make our creations part of our own individuality, as extensions of ourselves.

Text and illustrations by Maria Lima


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