Featured Student: Olexandra May Solomka

How old are you?


Can you tell us about your background:

Fine Art (BA) from Loughborough University

What drew you to fashion?

I attended a summer course at LCF titled: ‘Contemporary Fashion: A Cultural Perspective’ and found the theories surrounding fashion and the mass media enthralling, and wanted to find a course which focused on this. I’m not so interested in ‘clothing’ though, I don’t really know which colour is in season.

Why did you join this MA?

As touched upon above, I found I was interested in the politics of fashion; especially regarding race and gender; this was the only course in the UK offering what I wanted.

Where do you hope to be in two years from now?

Ideally, either studying for my PhD or working for a magazine…

Why didn’t you go for a journalism degree?

I would rather have the option of going into academia OR journalism, than just journalism.


4 thoughts on “Featured Student: Olexandra May Solomka

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