Age and Beauty

Illustration by Maria Lima

After a busy first term, after researching and writing and editing and deadlines, [In]Tangible is back on track. Two weeks of relax time were enough to process the discussions brought up by the previous ten weeks and, now, our team has turned them into shareable and enjoyable articles. Thinking about how time goes by (was this term ten weeks or ten days long?) and how that modifies our ways brings us to our new monthly theme.

A conference held by LCF on the 29th and 30th October, got us engaged with a subject that, paradoxically, fashion talks about in a fairly tangential way: age. The presence of six astonishing, slightly wrinkled and grey-haired women, best know as Fabulous Fashionistas, in the conference made us wonder why age is supposed to turn people into styleless entities. Furthermore, realizing that the Fabulous Fashionistas are like unique gems made us question the place society puts older people in, in aesthetic terms. This fabulous sixsome is challenging the rules of Postmodernity by dressing in a very stylistic and personal way, being all of them more than 70 years old, none of them is invisible. For clarifying and discussing this issues, our new term and year are going to start with a new theme: Age and Beauty. Popular media, aesthetics, and the opposition between young and old are some of the matters we will be talking about in the next few weeks.

Like the wrapping of a Christmas gift, this editorial letter will just let you sense what it hides underneath. Age and Beauty is the shape of a bigger issue which is addressed from as many perspectives as one can think. The next four weeks full of brand new contents are our Holiday-gift to all our readers.

Gaba Najmanovich


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