The Timelessness of Style

Diane Pernet

Diane Pernet

Text and illustrations by Maria Lima

Writing from a young woman perspective on the subject of age may be risky and tricky. I can only imagine how it is to be older, dealing and accepting all the flaws that come along with the passage of time. I may not really know, but I admire the ones who do it right.

Vivienne Westwood, Michel Lamy, Diane Pernet and Tilda Swinton are very distinct women, from different generations, but they all age proudly. Ignoring the sexist aesthetic values of our society (that expects aged women to behave and dress in a very strict and conservative way), these four women use fashion as an armor that protects and praises their personality and natural beauty.

Tired of the preconceived idea that states “only men get better with age”, I picked some extraordinary female characters that breathe charm, personality and timeless style. Not succumbing to the phenomenon of what is “acceptable at a certain age”, their looks may be weird, odd or strange for some, but they are above all unique and beautiful in their complexity.

As an imperfection-lover, I thought these inspiring characters would illustrate well a very proud, stylish and healthy ageing process.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Michel Lamy

Michel Lamy

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton


One thought on “The Timelessness of Style

  1. Reblogged this on sonanath and commented:
    I found this read a breath of fresh air from the typical fashion blogs that seem to know the answer to every conventional fashion & beauty query. For a young woman to accept the aging process with perception is courageous. I loved the way she identified with unconventional aged beauties and captured their fearless & age proud attitude in her unique illustrations.

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