Illustration by Maria Lima

With (another) assignment avalanche on the horizon, we launch and welcome a new month. Nowadays, methods and representation and material culture are the only things we, MA History and Culture of Fashion students, can find sailing the seas of our brains. Three essays, three units and another term are about to go by as we find ourselves one step closer to our final project, aka, the dissertation. Amongst these threatening and exciting feelings, the blog is at times a breath of fresh air and at others, another point on the endless to-do list. In order to keep the submitting, editing, and reading process pleasant, something had to change. After endless emails, meetings and debates amongst ourselves, we decided to try a new publishing approach: from now on, no monthly theme.

So, mesdames et messieurs, [In]Tangible is inaugurating a new phase. Without a leading story, the articles this month are new and mixed. Olexandra will discuss otherness and inclusion in her Q&A with Caryn Franklin, while Imogen will enlighten us with the meaning and implications of the colour purple in the Roman Empire. We will present two stories of archives, told from two different sides. Lorraine will recount her experience diving into museum archives and Jane Holt, manager of LCF’s archive, will tell us what it takes to be an archivist.

One new month, four new articles, one renewed [In]Tangible.



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