Dissertation, dissertation, dissertation. This has been the only word popping and repeating in our heads for the past few weeks. As if trying to awake a caged spirit in front of a mirror, we repeat this word and rouse our brains. With the needed clarity after a busy term and a quiet break, the phantom of the 18,000 words crystallises and we have no other choice but making a decision: what will the so-expected dissertation be about?

The Master’s Project is already here. Our mouths and fingers got filled with words and concepts and with the head up high, we sorted the first obstacle: the presentation. As some might expect, from now on, every thought, every word, will point to a single place: the dissertation. So, the forecast for these next six months anticipates dissertation excerpts, chronicles, and interviews.

This disguised welcome note is also a farewell letter. From May, the editorial team will go through a new stage with a new organisation and renewed energies. As the Argentine poet, Almafuerte, said; ‘¡Moltíssimo piu avanti ancora!’ (Much more still ahead!)

Gaba Najmanovich


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