Featured Student : Imogen Hunt

How old are you?

Can you tell us about your background?
Last year I completed a degree in History at Royal Holloway University. I covered a huge range of time periods and topics but mostly I studied Late Imperial Russia and religious conflict in Late Antiquity. My dissertation focused on how the rise of Christianity affected Jews in the Roman Empire. Quite different from fashion, I know!

What drew you to fashion?
I’ve never really been interested in high fashion but I have always loved costumes and how clothes have meanings that transcend the actual garment. If I’m perfectly honest my interest in studying fashion/ dress history academically came mainly from my love of music as a teenager, and looking into the clothes my favourite bands wore. Subcultures have always been something that interested me. I even did a project at primary school on the topic!

Why did you join this MA?
I realised quite quickly that I never wanted to write about religion again after writing my undergraduate dissertation! I was drawn to this MA because it seemed to be the only way that I could research topics that really interested me and would provide me with the tools to do so.

Where do you hope to be in two years from now?
I hope to be working, but as of yet I’m not really too sure what I would really like to do.

IMG-20130922-WA0004 (1)crp


Header image : Life Magazine


4 thoughts on “Featured Student : Imogen Hunt

  1. I love how a primary school project managed to (somehow) influence your choice of Master’s course. I guess we all keep returning to the things which really interest us. I keep coming back to fashion, because (I realise now) I hadn’t found the right angle from which to approach it.

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