Featured Student : Julie Bréthous

How old are you?
My IQ tests say I have the best possible age.

Can you tell us about your background?
I studied Fashion Marketing and Communication at ESMOD/ISEM in Paris. It gave me a real insight into the fashion industry (i.e. marketing, communication, history, development of a collection), that I have applied to several internships, mainly in communication. I was a PR assistant at Be Street magazine and an event production assistant at La Clique, both in Paris.

 What drew you to fashion?
I always wanted to be an artist, but I quickly realised that my skills stayed at the average level of a three-year-old. I decided that I’d be one of those people working in the shadows, helping the real artists make a name. I chose fashion as it was, for me, a natural way of expressing ideas.

Why did you join this MA?
To be honest, my goal after completing my undergraduate degree was not do an MA, as I wanted to start working straight away. As you can guess, I failed (haha). I realised that companies wanted to hire people with a master’s degree. Therefore, I decided to do something that I was really passionate about, and stepped away from marketing to instead study the reason why people were drawn to fashion, in its broadest sense.

This MA seemed like it would be really good for me. I applied immediately, despite the fact that people from my former school thought I was aiming too high by attempting to secure a place at London College of Fashion. Ah! Only the sky is the limit!

I couldn’t be happier right now. I have studied many things regarding feminist issues, the body, and lingerie. I am writing my final dissertation on women and tattoos in Paris. Combined with my previous studies, I am now starting to have a really broad understanding of what fashion is, as an industry and a social phenomenon.

Where do you hope to be in two years from now?
Satisfied with my life! That’s all I want. Let’s see what it means as time goes (if it means $$ I’d be really happy, just so you know).

Any way we can get in contact with you?
If you ❤ me, think I’m funny, and extraordinary then…you’ll be disappointed…but do still come and talk!



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