Featured Student : Gaba Najmanovich

How old are you?
I’m 27 years old.

Can you tell us about your background?
I’m an Argentine de facto journalist and trained fashion designer. In Argentina the only way to approach fashion is by designing. It took me at least five years and ten existential crises to realise that the wrong thing was not actually fashion but the approach and the discipline that I was studying. But there wasn’t much to do when my country didn’t offer anything better. So I decided to stick to Fashion Design and do a myriad of short courses regarding history and journalism in my spare time.

Fast-forward a few years. After months of struggling and suffering, I got an interview with the editor of the biggest newspaper in the country, La Nación. Long story short, I ended up contributing to their Sunday magazine, the one that I had read every Sunday since I was a kid (yay!). On this same line, I contributed to a few websites, independent magazines, and I produced a few radio shows.

What drew you to fashion?
I still wonder the same thing. My only certainty is that my schedule, when I was a kid, was built around the different disguises and characters I created per hour. I guess that’s where it all began, by creating dress identities and characters. Also, I went to a fairly hippie primary school, and in those years creativity was the thing that I learnt the most about (let’s not talk about maths).

Why did you join this MA?
I knew writing was my thing but I always felt frustrated by the way some journalists treated their topics. I just can’t stand it when journalism moves on a thin, unstable surface. So, knowing that I was already able to style my words, I decided to expand my theoretical and historical fashion knowledge. Another reason was the way people had reacted to the posts on my blog. It all depended on the way I told the story. If the content is there you only have to work on the aesthetics of the text.

What extra-curricular activities have you been involved with?
I’ve been contributing to a few magazines and websites, such as Metal Magazine (this is my favourite interview so far) and NoFilter, which is made by our fellow MA Journalism students (I’d recommend you to stay tuned). I edited this blog for a few months as well. On a more academic tune, I’m now getting a review published in the Russian edition of Fashion Theory, and I’m going to Milan to present a paper. I’ve also done some long-distance PR (you can’t get away from your contacts and skills, can you?). And waitressing as well (girls gotta work for the money).

Where do you hope to be in two years from now?
Two years may go faster than one thinks. Anyway, I’d like to see myself working full-time in content production (be it written or multimedia content). Ideally it’d be in a very inclusive media platform. Helping my fellow Latin Americans to break the colonial ties that I could feel when I arrived in London is one of my main aims (I don’t know how possible this is though – as some say, dreaming is for the free).

Any way we can get in contact with you?
You can always drop me an email.


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