Thank you and Goodbye from the Class of 2015

In September 2010 this blog started life as Fashion Beyond the Threads. It was a place to allow students on the MA History and Culture of Fashion course at London College of Fashion to publish research, raise various discussions initiated in lectures, and critically analyse debates around historical and contemporary fashion and dress.

Following its creation, subsequent years were less enthusiastic in using this space as a forum for discussion and debate and the blog lay dormant. With much enthusiasm the blog was reactivated and re-launched in November 2013 as (In)Tangible: Redressing Fashion.

On a voluntary basis, an editorial team was formed. We experimented with how best to use and interact with this space in a way that would be beneficial for the whole course. We published interviews, conference and exhibition reviews, dissertation proposals, featured student profiles and discussions around topics that were of interest to us. While we acknowledge that this blog is still in a trial phase, we believe that we have created a solid foundation, and we’re very excited to see how future years evolve this platform. We hope that our course mates, and those from previous years, remember that they are welcome to continue to submit material for publication, allowing this blog to be an ongoing community centered around the course.

As we enter the final month of our course, and work on completing our dissertations, we are very pleased to hand over (In)Tangible. We’d like to send the new starters our best wishes, and we hope that they embrace this blog as warmly and as enthusiastically as the Class of 2015.

Thank you everyone who has read, commented on and shared our blog posts this academic year. Please continue to support and send love to the new class as they mould (In)Tangible into their own space.

With very warm wishes,

Ellen McIntyre, Paula Alaszkiewicz and Julie Bréthous


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