Behind the Scenes: Bath Fashion Museum Archive

Video by Lenna Stamatopoulou

In February 2015, the classes of MA History and Culture of Fashion and MA Fashion and Film descended on the historic streets of Bath to attend to the incredible dress archive at Bath Fashion Museum. Over the course of the day we handled delicate cotton garments from the Regency period, luxurious brocade (and disarmingly heavy) 18th century sack-back gowns right up to modern-day Schiaparelli. Bath Fashion Museum boasts a magnificent and often under-appreciated wealth of sartorial archival material, with special adherence to all manner of 18th century womens and menswear reflective of Bath’s place amongst the latter-day social calendar as a ‘party town’. This was a decadent seasonal period where the upper echelons of society would descend to gossip, flirt and air their latest fashions- with all the related mischief you might imagine.

Here’s what we got up to behind the scenes:


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