Featured Student: Ellie Foden

Tell us about your background.

I have always been interested in fashion, history, music and film. My BA was in Archaeology, following which I spent a few years working in an administrative capacity at London College of Fashion and singing in a psychedelic rock band.

Why fashion?

I have been absolutely obsessed with vintage clothing from the 1960s and 1970s for many years, and besides an aesthetic appreciation, this has led to an interest in what these garments and their visual representation can tell us about a fascinating period in our cultural history.  I’m particularly interested in the early 1970s, retro revivals and the relationship between fashion and film.

Why did you join this MA?

Following a personal development project I undertook in the London College of Fashion archive, I discovered there was a career, which corresponded with my passion for old clothing and interest in history. I decided to apply for the course in order to build upon and tailor my existing academic background towards fashion archving. The MA also provided an opportunity to learn social theory and expand on many of my existing interests such as feminism and film.

Give us an example of a particular project you have enjoyed working on during the course.

I’ve enjoyed all the projects! The great thing about the course is you can really write about whatever you find most interesting. I have written on Biba, postmodernism, Theda Bara, tie and dye and the 1973 cult groupie magazine Star.

What extra curricular activities have you been involved with?

Before I began the course I undertook a short project archiving the materials belonging to the textiles designer Anne Maile in the London College of Fashion Archive. I have continued with this ongoing project during my studies, and am hoping to produce a catalogue for the collection by the end of the year. I have also written a post on my research for the course blog, and presented my findings at the University of the Arts Archiving symposium.

Where do you hope to be in two years time?

In two years time I would like to be working in a fashion archive or another research capacity


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