Featured Student: Kaveri Waghela

Tell us about your background.

I graduated in Journalism and for a long time had a strong interest towards traditional news and political journalism. Alas, this could only hold my interest for a little while and I saw myself gravitating towards fashion and lifestyle journalism. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any scope in India for me to study fashion academically. The closest I came to writing about fashion as a subject rather than a trend base was while working as a features writer in the Sunday edition of a local Indian newspaper.

Why Fashion?

I have always been interested in all aspects of fashion. I have personally believed it to be a little more multi dimensional than it is perceived to be. It all started while gazing at my mother while she draped her beautiful khadi-cotton saris in the most elegant manner. Everything from its colours, to the drape, to even its form fascinated me. That was it; I knew that I wanted to know more about it. I guess more than fashion, dress and its various forms interested me.

Why did you join this MA?

I never wanted to do an MA. I was happily working as a features writer with a much esteemed publication in India. I think I was one of those lucky kids who got a job just after graduation. Three months into the job, I realised how blithely unaware I was about fashion as a subject. I was not happy with what I was writing. I never really got a chance to study fashion historically and culturally, neither did a concept like studying ‘fashion’ ever existed in India. From the age of sixteen I knew I wanted to study at London College of Fashion, I just didn’t know which aspect of fashion held my interest. I guess I got my answer seven years later.

Give us an example of a particular project you have enjoyed working on during the course.

I have loved working on all my assignments. But the one that I particularly enjoyed was the substance of fashion essay which involved writing about aviators using Jules Prown’s material culture approach. I discovered lots of interesting facts about sunglasses that totally blew my mind. Half way down the research, I was really surprised to know that the first aviators were actually manufactured by a brand called American Optical as opposed to Ray-ban that I wrongly believed for a long time!

What extracurricular activities have you been involved with?

As I am an international student, I’m really keen to build my resume by taking up internships in various fashion publications. I am keen on writing for magazines and newspapers and am currently freelancing with various smaller online fashion and lifestyle publications in London. I have also just finished a very interesting editorial internship with Another magazine which was very rewarding.

Where do you hope to be in two years time?

I would want to work with a fashion magazine/newspaper in London before I return to India. Ideally, I am open to writing about fashion more broadly and historically in niche magazines or even digital platforms.


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