Is Menswear taking over Fashion Week?

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By Ioanna Karagiorgou

Over the past couple of years, more and more publicity has been given to Menswear Fashion Week. Whilst people may think that there is not much that can happen over a year in menswear, the latest shows have proved them wrong. Freshness and innovation in design, things that womenswear designers are running out of, parade down the catwalks providing inspiration generously. Dior Homme, Balmain, Alessandro Michele for Gucci and Hermes were only a few examples of the Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collections that provided all those things (see slideshow).

It may be that menswear designers have yet to experience the tremendous pressure there is on the womenswear race. With fewer collections per year, they are more unrestrained and can explore their sources of inspiration and feel the vibes of our time. The unexpected departure of Raf Simon for Dior after the S/S 2016 Womenswear Ready-to-wear show was the cause for lots of debates on how fast the women’s fashion scene moves and how much pressure there is on designers. Consequently, all this potential in menswear has been picked up by male and female editors alike, who attend the shows and spread the news over their social media accounts.

There is of course a lot happening outside the shows in the Streetstyle section, but again in a more refined level than the blogger circus happening outside the shows on Women’s Fashion Weeks. The past few years have seen the shift of a large amount of attention from the catwalk to the Streets. This doesn’t necessarily constitute something bad, but the situation is getting a bit out of hand. By shifting the publicity to all sorts ‘fashion icons’, bloggers and attention-seekers, the statements the designers want to make with their collections are losing ground.

It may be because Menswear is still a more elitist fashion sector, that’s why the fashion insiders pay more and more attention to the Menswear Fashion Week. Or it may be that the extended publicity and over exposure of all things unrelated to the collections in the Women’s wear Fashion Weeks have tired many. No matter the reason, we will be waiting the next Menswear Fashion Week with excitement, and wait to see what the Womenswear will bring in a couple of weeks.


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