Featured Student: Siân Hunter

Sian Boudoir (3 of 153)What is your background?

My background is fashion marketing, via a strange route of bespoke tailoring and pattern cutting. It took me a long time to realise that I loved writing about clothes far more than I cared about fashion.

What made you decide to study MA Fashion Cultures?

Once I’d had my realisation that writing about clothes was what I wanted to do, I decided to find a course that would allow me to explore not just the history of fashion, but why people wear the clothes they do. As a student on the Fashion and Film pathway, I was pleased that my love of cinema could feature in my research and was eager to learn more about the study of film to build upon my uneducated enthusiasm

Is there a particular project you have enjoyed working on during the course?
Writing a 4000-word essay on ASMR videos was not something I expected to do on this course, but I am so happy that I was given the freedom and encouragement to do so. My film tutors were all very excited for me to write about something that is only beginning to be studied and I felt supported to take a brave step into the unknown

What are you writing your dissertation on, and how did you decide upon this subject?

I’m writing my dissertation on teen movies! Particularly the ways in which makeover sequences in teen movies echo the constant search for ideal feminine beauty that women embark upon from a younger and younger age. I am very passionate about women, and I believe it is important to hear their voices. Particularly young women, who are the future, and sadly often dismissed. Also, because I wanted an excuse to write about Clueless.

What’s next?

I don’t want to leave LCF (don’t make me!), but while I figure out what I would like to spend several years writing a PhD on, I’m planning on returning to fashion marketing to tell some more stories about clothes

Click here for Siân’s posts on Intangible.

Find Siân online…
Twitter: @siankayehunter
Email: siankayehunter[at]gmail.com


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