Whatever: The Representation of Women in Clueless

The film Clueless was released in the middle of the nineties and for many people captured the look of the decade perfectly. The film conjures to mind plaid skirts, knee high socks and feather boas. On the surface this is a fun, feel good film about frivolous teenage girls but is there more to it?

Image result for clueless creative commons

Clueless has a female lead (Cher played by Alicia Silverstone) a female director, (Amy Heckerling) and is based on a classic of English literature written by a female author (Emma by Jane Austen). The film spawned many parodies and imitations, as well as its own TV series. Made at the end of the 20th century, what does it really say about women’s changing roles in society? How do women portray themselves and how is fashion used in the film to get this message across?

To celebrate and examine one of the ultimate teen movies of the 1990s, we are hosting a screening on February 22nd at LCF. It will be followed by a discussion with Renaissance woman Roberta Degnore, award winning novelist, screenwriter, director, scholar and psychologist as well as LCF MA Fashion Cultures’ graduate Sian Hunter, who wrote her dissertation on teen movies and has a background in fashion marketing.  It should make for an interesting evening! Book your (free) place here:



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