Class of 2015 Go Live!

The class of 2015 may have flown the LCF coop, however their academic legacy lives on in a digital edition of the graduate show booklet recently published on Issuu magazine. Featuring work from the 21 graduates of the MA History and Culture of Fashion and MA Fashion and Film, the publication displays an incredibly varied body of work and showcases the best of the two subjects; exhibiting an interdisciplinary capacity for research that utilises material cultures, ethnographic work, archival research and close textual and visual analysis. As well as cutting analysis of gender, class and society, read about a truly diverse range of topics from the vast museums and department stores of the nineteenth century, newly-colonised India, the pubs and clubs scene of the 1970s and 1990s London and the tattooed Parisian body.

Also theseĀ recent graduatesĀ about the upcoming Fashion Cultures course.